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Services And Rates

I only massage men at this time and I have experience in the following modalities:  Swedish (Deep, Medium, or Light pressure), Lomi, Sports, Connective Tissue, Neuromuscular, California, Trigger Point, Acupressure, and Feather Touch.

Most of my sessions include a combination of many modalities. 

Basically, you tell me where you carry your stress, your discomfort level, your occupation, and the type of exercise you perform.  Also I need to know if you have any conditions that would prevent you from receiving a massage. I will design your massage and complete a full-body session that is right for you for total body relaxation and tension release.

I apply the right amount of pressure (ranging from extremely light and delicate to the more robust deep moves) to accomplish necessary muscle extension and relaxation.  I also incorporate stretching and other specific techniques to achieve the best results for you such as Shoulder Girdle Release, Pelvic Girdle Release, and Friction.


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